3000009I went bead shopping recently and one of the items I purchased were these purple fresh water pearls.  I got them for two reasons:  (1) I thought the color was so pretty, and (2) they were top-drilled and I had not worked with top-drilled pearls before.  I’ve worked with fresh water pearls either drilled the long way or the short way, but not like these and I wanted to try working with them.

I thought a bracelet would be the perfect thing to make and when I saw how the purple color played so nicely with the coppery-toned glass, I knew that was the combination to go with.  I love it and think the matte finish on the glass beads adds a nice, subtle touch of texture.  I’ve got enough of the pearls for a second piece and am glad I gave them a chance.

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I finished the bracelet using the textured copper piece I wrote about earlier.  My instincts were to use purple beads in the bracelet and that’s what I ended up doing.  Sometimes designs veer off in unexpected directions, this time it did not.  I think the purple beads work with the textured and darkened copper very well.  I also added some wood beads that help tie the copper and purple together and some creamy tan beads to add a little contrast and brightness.

I am pleased with the results and decided to make matching earrings.  For the earrings, I cut out little copper squares, drilled them at the top and bottom, and them textured and darkened them to match the bracelet.  The purple bead at the bottom adds the perfect finishing touch.




If you saw my previous post, I selected some materials inspired by the purple teardrop beads used in these earrings.  In my mind, I saw a sophisticated pair of dangle earrings that made the purple beads look elegant.  I chose to pair the teardrops with some bead work in shades of purple and gold.  I got them done and am really happy with the results.

In thinking through the design, I decided to wire wrap the purple teardrops.  These particular teardrops have holes drilled near the top that go from one side to the other.  You can also find teardrop shaped beads that have holes drilled from the top to the bottom.  Both are excellent choices, you just have to treat them a little differently when it comes to assembling a piece.  Wire wrapping is just one technique that works well with side drilled teardrop and pear shaped beads.  I think the various components come together very nicely and I am pleased.

purple-teardrop-beadsI just finished a piece of jewelry and was ready to start the next, so I went rummaging through my beads to see what struck my fancy and I noticed these lovely purple teardrop beads.  I thought they would be beautiful in a pair of dangle earrings and decided to pair them with some beadwork.  Here are the supplies and tools I am using and I’ve already started the beadwork.

I’m looking forward to completing the beadwork and then determining the best way to attach the beadwork and purple teardrop beads.  I hope to have it finished today or tomorrow and will post it when I’m done.