I love the simple sweetness of this bracelet.  There are three red white heart Venetian trail beads at the center.  “White heart” beads are ones where a color – red in this case – is layered over a white core (heart).  In the days when these beads were made, colored glass was harder to make and more expensive so this was a technique used to keep the beads more affordable.  I find the white heart also gives the beads a touch of luminosity.  I kept the design simple – jet crystal, black glass, aquamarine teardrops and darkened sterling silver chain.

Sometimes when I make very simple jewelry, I question whether I’ve done enough.  At times, I will ask my boyfriend what he thinks.  He always says the same thing – more notes don’t make a better song.  And he’s right – there can be just as much artistry in a simple, clean design as in one with a lot of complexity.


My inspiration for making this bracelet was the gorgeous cobalt and white handmade glass center bead.  Cobalt blue is a strong color and very often when I use strong colors, I use them with other strong colors capable of holding their own in the situation.  This time, I choose a little differently.  I did select one other vividly colored bead – the little blue/green/white African Trade millefiori bead and then began softening the colors a bit by adding turquoise.

As you move further towards the back of the bracelet, the colors soften even more – creamy coral beads, a bit of shell, a striped bead in soft turquoise, red and green, two labradorite beads.  Tiny bits of black and a single crystal add punctuation.

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Like a lot of people, I have a jar filled with buttons.  Every so often, I dump it out, run my fingers through the buttons, and get inspired to make something with them.  That’s what happened with this button charm bracelet.  For this bracelet, I found myself drawn to buttons in soft tones.  Most are buttons with two holes, although I did use a few shank buttons here and there.  Each button is attached to the chain using wire-wrapping for security.  I also added little brass charms to add visual interest.  Matching earrings completed the set.


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Star and Moon BraceletI’m still working hard to expand my metal skills and this is one of my newest creations.  I remember the early days of learning to saw metal – I could barely cut a straight line at that time.  I couldn’t imagine how people did intricate sawing.  As I work at it, I find myself able to cut smaller and smaller designs. 

When I drew the design for the silver piece on this bracelet, I knew I wanted star and moon images.  I wanted to create them by adding metal, in the case of the moon and two stars, and by removing it with the remaining star and circles.  Maybe the circles are far-away planets.

I didn’t want any single shade of blue to dominate the bracelet, I wanted various shades and tones of blue to play together to thoughts of sky to mind.  The beads I used are sodalite, blue lace agate, glass and crystal.

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3000009I went bead shopping recently and one of the items I purchased were these purple fresh water pearls.  I got them for two reasons:  (1) I thought the color was so pretty, and (2) they were top-drilled and I had not worked with top-drilled pearls before.  I’ve worked with fresh water pearls either drilled the long way or the short way, but not like these and I wanted to try working with them.

I thought a bracelet would be the perfect thing to make and when I saw how the purple color played so nicely with the coppery-toned glass, I knew that was the combination to go with.  I love it and think the matte finish on the glass beads adds a nice, subtle touch of texture.  I’ve got enough of the pearls for a second piece and am glad I gave them a chance.

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Photo courtesy of funwallart

Beautiful jewelry deserves a beautiful box and I just love the handcrafted ones from funwallart.  They all have an artistic and romantic air that is just lovely and so well executed.  I imagine opening the box and seeing a gorgeous creation inside like maybe this bracelet.  Named Angelica, it features a sweet little silver moth, aquamarine gemstones, glass pearls, and crystal in soft tones and subtle shades of aqua and green.  To see more of funwallart’s fabulous creations click here.




RufflesThis summer I saw a lot of ruffles on women’s clothing, and I’m seeing them again this fall.  I think they’re so pretty and one of my favorites is this shirt from J Crew.  It manages to mix the girliness of ruffles with a shirt that has a little bit of the boyfriend feel.  The ruffles add volume and detailing at the top, but don’t think that means no jewelry.

Quite the contrary.  A bold, chunky bracelet is the perfect accessory to balance the volume added at the top by the ruffles.  A pretty earring in a deeper shade of blue adds interest but not heaviness around the face.

Clothing photo courtesy of J Crew