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Beautiful jewelry deserves a beautiful box and I just love the handcrafted ones from funwallart.  They all have an artistic and romantic air that is just lovely and so well executed.  I imagine opening the box and seeing a gorgeous creation inside like maybe this bracelet.  Named Angelica, it features a sweet little silver moth, aquamarine gemstones, glass pearls, and crystal in soft tones and subtle shades of aqua and green.  To see more of funwallart’s fabulous creations click here.





SanJuanI was in San Juan, Puerto Rico recently.  It is a lovely city and I walked around Old San Juan enjoying a nice summer evening and the vibrancy of life in the city.  I wanted to find a little gift to bring back for my sister and wanted something made in Puerto Rico.  There were many shops with nice selections but a lot of the merchandise was from other places.  After strolling around a bit more, I came across an area where people had tents set up and spotted a lady selling jewelry made from beach glass.

Her name is Ruth Rivera and she told me she had created a process of attaching beach glass to jewelry findings using a type of clay.  I thought she had done a beautiful job with these as well as the many other styles of earrings and necklaces she had on display.  My sister loves them and I was thrilled to find a handmade item to bring home.  If you would like more information about Ruth and her jewelry, you can contact her at

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I am participating in an online craft show – i heart handmade spring.  This show is put on by the American Craft Guide and they have put together a lovely show that consists entirely of handmade items.   I for one am happy to see the handmade movement get such strong support from so many in the online community.  I have a true appreciation for the hard work, countless hours, amazing creativity, and generous spirits of others out there that make handcrafted items.  I wish a great show for all.

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