The Bead Dreamer’s blog is moving to a new home. It will still be a WordPress blog, I’m just moving it to my own domain. When I started the blog, I was focused on learning how to use the software, figuring out what to write about, finding my own voice. I thought about which blog platform to use and liked WordPress the best, still do. I did not even realize I also needed to consider where to host the blog, so I used WordPress and it worked just great.

But like so many things in life, we learn, we grow, we have different needs, and so it is time to move. Here’s where you can now find The Bead Dreamer’s Blog.


Candle1It’s been exactly one year since I started this blog with my first post.  And what a journey it has been.  161 posts later, I have learned so much.  I’ve made progress in finding my voice.  I still have work to do there, maybe we always do… 

I’ve changed the focus a bit, intertwining more technical posts about making jewelry with posts on how to accessorize, store and care for jewelry.  I managed to add a gallery page – my goal is to have separate ones for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces – not there yet.  I’ve introduced a new feature showcasing the work of other jewelry designers whose work I admire.  And, I’ve wrestled, fought with, gotten exasperated by, and finally figured out (for the most part) all of the little wodgets and gadgets I wanted to use for my blog.  Most importantly, I’ve connected with people and have enjoyed responding to all of your comments.  I’ve also enjoyed reading some of your blogs and leaving my comments and thoughts.

A few more statistics – 191 comments and 12,038 total views.  Here’s to an even better blogging year to come.


Self portrait in wire

Self portrait in wire

You are where you are in life.  Things have happened, more than can be covered.  And so you just start.  Somewhere.  Like jumping into the pool when you know the water is a little cool.


Of course a huge amount of procrastination occurred.  I thought about blogging in March or April and am just now sitting and writing.  Why?  The biggest reason is because I needed to find a voice and a place to write from that was personal to me and yet I would feel comfortable with it being online.


I design and make jewelry.  It has been my passion for years and I do it because I need to do it, love to do it.  If I never sold another piece, I would keep making it and either stockpile it or have really well accessorized friends and family.  I will write about my life and journey as a jewelry artist.