Turtlenecks provide a perfect opportunity to accessorize.  With some sweater and shirt styles, the location and size of the collar must be taken into account when planning accessories.  We’ve all had it happen before – the necklace that keeps falling inside our shirt instead of sitting on top.

With turtlenecks, the neckline is high up and practically out-of-the-way.  Most necklace lengths work very well, however, very short necklaces can be tricky – even ones that usually fit us because of the extra volume created by the turtleneck.  Extending the necklace with a bit of chain or ribbon can resolve this.

Another reason turtlenecks are great for accessorizing is because they provide a colorful backdrop for your jewelry – creating a canvas that you can play and experiment with when it comes to color.  In this photo, a very red necklace was chosen to stand out against the green of the sweater.  They both hold their own and I think the match is a good one.

Another nice way to accessorize a turtleneck is with a pin.  Instead of placing the pin on your jacket lapel, place it on the neck of the turtleneck.  My favorite pin for doing this is a little bumblebee pin I received as a gift from my boyfriend.  I can wear it with a turtleneck and jacket, and it peeks out sweetly at my neck.  Plus there’s none of that pesky seatbelt hitting my pin syndrome that can sometimes occur when its on the lapel.

So, enjoy your turtlenecks with your statement necklaces or other jewelry pieces that you just love, have fun, accessorize and let the world see your beautiful style.

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I am cold-natured so the first nip in the air sends me running for something warm.  This fall, cardigans seem to be everywhere and I love how well they work with jewelry.  Layering is still a strong trend and cardigans are perfect as the top layer over a shirt or tee, the middle layer with a shirt underneath and a jacket on top, or the bottom layer worn as a shirt.

BR Cardigan

Photo courtesy of Banana Republic

I love this look from Banana Republic.  To me, this outfit is about hard and soft contrasts and subtlety in textures and tones.  The cardigan is very soft in color and the ruffles add more softness.  The jeans add a bit of edge.  They are worn-looking and distressed, adding texture.  The necklace adds hardness and some fluidity.  The length works because it falls clear of the neckline of both the cardigan and shirt underneath.  A very short necklace would also work with this look.  Jewelry could also be used to bring a tiny splash of color.


Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

How beautiful is this outfit from Anthropologie.  It has a vintage feel to it.  I love the colors – everything is soft except for the mustard top peeking out from underneath and the red punch from the signature necklace.  I think this outfit absolutely needs a strong necklace and I like the length of the necklace, falling slightly above the mustard top.  Love it.

GH Cardigan

Photo courtesy of Garnet Hill

A bit dressier and more romantic note is set by this cardigan from Garnet Hill.  The necklace is bold enough to hold its own against the patterned sweater.  Yet, because they are in the same color family, the cardigan and necklace do not fight each other for attention.  She’s wearing a dress underneath.  I could also see this cardigan dressed down with a chocolate brown shirt underneath and jeans.  Warm and pretty.  Sounds perfect for fall.

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TealThis fall, I am seeing a focus on teal.  I love it because teal is pretty and it’s a color that looks good on just about everyone.  What about accessorizing teal?  From a metallics perspective, I think teal works equally well with gold, silver, and copper tones, so go with what you like and have in your jewelry wardrobe.  Teal also plays nicely with other colors so you’re not limited to only metallic jewelry.  Purple and teal have a long-standing happy relationship.  Teal also loves rich, golden yellow and amber tones.  So, enjoy teal this fall and accessorize!

Clothing photos courtesy of Ann Taylor Loft.


Statement necklaces are expected to be a trend for this fall according to Associated Content’s Lifestyle report on jewelry.  While there may be an additional focus on statement necklaces this year by the fashion industry, throughout the years, I have seen many women wanting signature pieces of jewelry.  One of the best things I like about attending jewelry, art, and trunk shows with my jewelry is the chance to talk with women and hear their opinions on what they are looking for, what they like and don’t like.

I have found that many women want jewelry that is unique, bold, expressive of their style, and something that will be noticed and that handcrafted jewelry very often fills this need.  Women are especially happy when the piece is one of a kind and they know they are the only one with the piece.

As a jewelry designer, I enjoy bring the smiles and helping women feel that they are presenting themselves to the world in a manner distinctly their own. 

Pictured are two handcrafted statement necklaces, both with an ethnic flair.


RufflesThis summer I saw a lot of ruffles on women’s clothing, and I’m seeing them again this fall.  I think they’re so pretty and one of my favorites is this shirt from J Crew.  It manages to mix the girliness of ruffles with a shirt that has a little bit of the boyfriend feel.  The ruffles add volume and detailing at the top, but don’t think that means no jewelry.

Quite the contrary.  A bold, chunky bracelet is the perfect accessory to balance the volume added at the top by the ruffles.  A pretty earring in a deeper shade of blue adds interest but not heaviness around the face.

Clothing photo courtesy of J Crew

ProjectRunwayWeek1I’m a big Project Runway fan and like millions of other viewers was so excited that the series finally was back on the air.  I think what I like about it most is seeing the creative process as the very talented designers bring their ideas to life.  Of course, some of the personalities and things that happen along the way are fun to watch too.

I just loved Christopher Straub’s dress and felt it was fun, sophisticated, and modern.  I think the model would look great with my Nikki earrings, especially with her hair pulled back the way it was.  The earrings would add a bit of interest without competing with the elaborate detailing of Christopher’s gorgeous creation.

Project Runway photo courtesy of Lifetime.