This is one of my favorite pictures of my father.  This picture was taken in Florida – St. Petersburg I think.  My oldest sister and I were living in Tampa at the time and our parents came to visit for a little vacation.  We ended one day with a walk on the beach. I must have looked at it hundreds of times and never once questioned why he had a suit on at the beach – because that was Daddy.  My father almost always wore business clothes.  And unless he had on a tux, he only wore short-sleeved shirts.  Winter or summer – didn’t matter.  This is who he was and his personal style.

Style is made of so many elements – the era and culture we live in, climate, one’s heritage, our profession, how we feel about ourselves, how we wish to be seen, so many things.  It’s nice when we can find those things that reflect who we feel we are and make us comfortable in our own skin, even it if’s a suit on the beach.

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