My birthday is in January and garnet is my birthstone.  I think garnets are beautiful gemstones and enjoy working with them.  They are gorgeous as the main element in a piece of jewelry, they also can add warmth and contrast to a piece made primarily of other colors without bringing in too much red.  I remember growing up not liking that garnet was my birthstone.  I wanted March (aquamarine), June (pearl), or July (ruby).  I also wanted my name to be Lisa or Cindy.  I eventually grew into garnet and Charlene and would not change either.  Funny how sometimes what we think we want isn’t at all what is right for us.

And so, I love garnet.  I got the centerpiece for this two-strand bracelet at a bead show in Maryland.  I thought it was unique and I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it since then.  It took me a while to figure out how to use it.  I envisioned it as a pendant but once I opened my mind to another possibly, I quickly saw that it worked so much better as the focal point of a bracelet.  I used garnets in two shapes – faceted teardrops and faceted round beads.  I added garnet toned glass pearls and little red spacer beads.  Keeping an open mind and seeing possibilities, always good things.

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