Beads are fabulous for making jewelry, but their usefulness does not end there.  Beads are also great for making tassels and beaded trim that can be used to decorate clothing and home accents.  I made the tassel that adorns this little evening bag out of tiny cylindrical beads called Delicas.  I made it using a tassel making technique created by Ava Farrington in her book Tassel O’ Beads.  The technique is a good one because you can make a fairly thick tassel without any bunching at the top that you can get with other techniques.

I’ve made a few other beaded tassels.  One of them is made of several tassels like the one on this purse that are then beaded into one larger tassel.  It hangs from a floor lamp in my bedroom.  Two others form columns that frame some beadwork in an art piece I made.  I’ve also made tassels as the centerpiece of necklaces.  And while I have not outfitted any strippers or belly dancers yet, who knows…

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