I love miniature chairs and have a small collection of them.  Most of my collection is on my fireplace mantel, a few are placed here and there throughout the house.  I always wanted to try to make chair jewelry and as part of my journey to learn to work with metal, I tried making chair earrings.  These are the first design I’ve come up with.

Now, I must tell you, this is the second draft of the first design.  My thought was to do a little retro chair, the kind with a bucket seat that swivels.  I looked at chairs, sketched my design out and made a sample pair of chair earrings.  I asked one friend what she thought and she said they were beautiful butterfly earrings.  Not what I was hoping for.  I asked another friend, she said what cute little hearts, they’re adorable.  So, I went back to the drawing board and hopefully this pair looks more like chairs.  I’d like to play with the idea some more – different chair styles and maybe a bracelet of little chair charms.

Two-dimensional chairs like I’ve done give you more challenges when it comes to design because a level of abstraction is needed.  Three-dimensional ones may have some wearability challenges when it comes to the chair legs.  I still love them all anyway.

There are some other people out there playing with chairs and here are some pieces I like.  This single chair necklace is from Beyond the Valley and I think has a graceful elegance.

Photos courtesy of Beyond the Valley

For a total WOW factor, I love, love this necklace made entirely of chairs.

Photo courtesy of Lost a E Minor

Here’s hoping there is more chair jewelry in my future.

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