My inspiration for this necklace was the beautiful ojime bead that sits right below the two turquoise nugget beads.  It is beautifully carved out of wood and features a little frog peeking out from under a mushroom.  Ojime (pronounced oh-jay-meh) beads originated in Japan and were designed to work in conjunction with other items to allow the wearer to hang items from a sash around their kimono.  Many of today’s ojime beads are reproductions of antique ojime; others are original works inspired by the tradition.

The ojime bead just felt so earthy to me and I loved it’s warm brown color.  Pairing it with a simple brown rock found outside seemed the right way to go.  I set the rock in sterling silver and cupped the silver around the rock to cradle and nestle it.  The beads I chose felt equally earthy to me – turquoise, Hill Tribes silver leaves, sodalite, and creamy coral.  I think I did right by the little frog and love the color statement the piece makes as well as the interestingness of each element.