Turtlenecks provide a perfect opportunity to accessorize.  With some sweater and shirt styles, the location and size of the collar must be taken into account when planning accessories.  We’ve all had it happen before – the necklace that keeps falling inside our shirt instead of sitting on top.

With turtlenecks, the neckline is high up and practically out-of-the-way.  Most necklace lengths work very well, however, very short necklaces can be tricky – even ones that usually fit us because of the extra volume created by the turtleneck.  Extending the necklace with a bit of chain or ribbon can resolve this.

Another reason turtlenecks are great for accessorizing is because they provide a colorful backdrop for your jewelry – creating a canvas that you can play and experiment with when it comes to color.  In this photo, a very red necklace was chosen to stand out against the green of the sweater.  They both hold their own and I think the match is a good one.

Another nice way to accessorize a turtleneck is with a pin.  Instead of placing the pin on your jacket lapel, place it on the neck of the turtleneck.  My favorite pin for doing this is a little bumblebee pin I received as a gift from my boyfriend.  I can wear it with a turtleneck and jacket, and it peeks out sweetly at my neck.  Plus there’s none of that pesky seatbelt hitting my pin syndrome that can sometimes occur when its on the lapel.

So, enjoy your turtlenecks with your statement necklaces or other jewelry pieces that you just love, have fun, accessorize and let the world see your beautiful style.

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