When I came across the jewelry of Professor Quentin Ziplash, I just knew I had to share it with my readers.  Not only is the jewelry fun, imaginative, and creative, the Professor’s titles and descriptions draw you into his world – one filled with fantasy and a little mad science.

Take the Steampunk Mercury Radioactive Tonic Emulsifier 2 necklace pictured above.  It’s made from a pumpkin seed bottle, anti-freeze, mercury switch, drawer lock escutcheon, shoe buckle, vintage fishing reel handle, vintage drawer pull piece, spring, brass knobs, veterinary syringe part, vintage cloth-covered wire, steam, and aether.  And when asked if the mercury switch triggers anything, the Professor says he’s still working on that.

Another delightful design is the Padamya (Ruby) Crystal Reactor necklace, shown above.  How could every girl not want one, for starters?  In this necklace, the Professor explains that from the well-known red glow of ruby to other reactions that are not completely understood, science, art, and alchemy have collided in this powerful unit.  With such powerful forces and a total cool factor thrown in to boot, this is one fabulous piece.

The final piece I’d like to share is the Steampunk Personal Underground Radio Tuner (SPURT).  Made from clarinet keys, vintage cabinet hinge piece, vintage typewriter piece, chain, steam, and aether; it’s quirky and fun.  All of the necklaces are asymmetrical yet feel very balanced visually.  One can easily see that the Professor must have a sweet collection of stuff to work with.  It’s also very apparent that the various pieces and parts are arranged thoughtfully and artfully.

To see more of Professor Quentin Ziplash’s jewelry and other art, view more photos on Flickr.  All photos courtesy of Professor Quentin Ziplash.