I had the opportunity to walk through the Hampton University Museum in Hampton, VA this week and oh my goodness.  The museum which was founded in 1868 has extensive holdings in African American fine arts, traditional African, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Island, and Asian art; and objects relating to the history of the University.  It is an awe inspiring place to visit.  I need to remember to go more often.

One of the first pieces of art to greet me was the much beloved painting The Banjo Lesson by Henry O. Tanner.  It is a work of art I have always loved.  Then I passed through galleries filled with Kuba beadwork, garments, and textiles – each item so breathtaking.  Another gallery held Native American treasures including beadwork and three pairs of beaded shoes by artist Teri Greeves.  How wonderful to see her work in person.

Everything I saw there felt so soulful.  I left inspired.