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Jewelry that is made of ribbon or has ribbon incorporated into it is very popular right now.  And it’s no wonder why – so much of it is just plain pretty.  But, ribbon is fabric and fabric can soil, tear, and fray.  So, how to keep those ribbon treasures perky and crisp and not limp, dingy, and sad?  Here’s a few tips.

First, consider your intent with the jewelry.  Is it an inexpensive piece you plan to wear this year and trash when next season’s trends come out?  If so, you may not want to spend much time and energy into caring for the piece.  However, if it’s a piece you love and want to wear for some time to come, you may want to treat it with a little TLC.

Store your ribbon jewelry in a box so it is not crushed or snagged by other jewelry pieces.  You may want to pre-treat it with a spray-on fabric protector to help the ribbon resist dirt and stains.  Be sure to test it on a small piece first.  Sometimes the ribbon is loosely woven into a few links of chain.  In this case, you can remove the ribbon, hand-wash it in cold water with a gentle detergent, hang to dry, iron and weave back into the piece.  Again, test a small piece for color-fastness.  You can also change the ribbon with this type of ribbon jewelry to create different looks for yourself.  If the ribbon can’t be detached easily, you may have to gently spot-clean it in areas that get soiled.  Do not immerse the entire piece in water if you do not know how the other components that make up the piece will react to being submerged.  It takes a little care to keep ribbon jewelry looking fabulous, but it’s oh so worth it.

The adorable ribbon ring necklace pictured above is from Monsoon Accessorize.  I just love the bright colors and mix of patterns and solids.  The soft silver and white ribbon necklace below is by Lee Angel Jewelry.  It’s so quietly and softly beautiful.

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