Thalia Necklace

This is the first piece I have made from a beer bottle cap and I am loving it.  I enjoyed making it and love the outcome.  I don ‘t drink beer very often, but have friends willing to donate their caps.  They get to drink beer and help a jewelry designer at the same time – a win, win.  This particular bottle cap was given to me while I was at Penland along with some others.  I could not resist the red on orange, I loved the bicycle with its headlight, and so it was the first to be made into jewelry.

Bottle caps are not difficult to work with if you have a few tools.  First you have to snip the fluted sides so the cap will flatten out.  A hammer takes care of getting it flat.  Then you need to boil them for 5-10 minutes to make the plastic liner come out.  Some liners are resistant, others give up without a fight.  At that point, the bottle cap is ready to be cut into the desired shape and set.  I cut two identical squares from brass.  One became the backing.  I cut an opening in the other to make a small square frame for the pendant.  I riveted all three pieces together and drilled holes to hang the key and to attach the necklace.

I suspended a variety of crystals and glass pearls in red, orange, pink, and bronze tones from the brass chain I selected.  I think the key adds the perfect finishing touch.

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