A style of jewelry I don’t make, but greatly respect and admire is chain maille jewelry.  Chain maille jewelry has its origins in chain maille armour created in medieval times.  It is a style of jewelry that is very labor intensive, requiring precision and I would think a lot of patience.  It can be expensive, but when one considers the amount of metal consumed as well as the countless hours complex designs require, it becomes easy to see how very worth it a well made piece can be.  There are chain maille artists who work to replicate and honor chain maille patterns from the past and those that put their own spin on it.

One chain maille artist who definitely puts her own twist on things is 88Links.  I love her Egyptian Glory Neck Chain.  It combines chain maille with Egyptian symbolism so beautifully.  88Links says its inspired by ancient Egypt and confident women everywhere and I see the sense of strength and confidence in the piece.  You can see more of 88Links work by clicking here.


Photo courtesy of 88Links

Astraea Designs, another chain maille artist, says she is inspired by ancient cultures, mythology, and medieval and Renaissance costumes.  That inspiration is evident in her Gold and Bronze chain maille necklace.  She has beautifully encased a brown mother of pearl disc in an artful chain maille arrangement and accented it with three smaller tiger’s eye beads.  More gorgeous designs can be seen here.


Photo courtesy of Astraea Designs

Kani73 puts a modern twist on chain maille with these earrings that combine traditional techniques with a flair that is very much today.  Kani73 based these earrings on a European weave worked in a triangle pattern and then attached it to an open spiral that provides contrast to the tight mesh created by the chain maille.  These gorgeous earrings are called Midnight Garden Earrings; other designs are available here.


Photo courtesy of Kani73

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