Beautiful earrings deserve beautiful storage and these are some of my favorites.

This gorgeous ceramic earring holder from The Artisan Connection is a piece of art itself.   They offer it in several color choices to match your decor and think the earrings are held far enough away from the ceramic piece that it can be enjoyed even with lots of earrings on it.

Photo Courtesy of The Artisan Connection

Photo courtesy of The Artisan Connection

VivaTerra has this lovely organizer – they call it the Jewelry Tree of Life.  It would be beautiful on a dresser or shelf and has a little storage area for a few rings or other treasures.  If you’re just starting on your earring collection, this one does not look empty with just a few pairs on it.

Photo courtesy of VivaTerra

Photo courtesy of VivaTerra

Of course, I recognize this might not be enough storage for some of your collections (including yours truly), so here’s a lovely alternative from NesserryGoods that rotates, offering two sides to store earrings.

Photo courtesy of NesserryGoods

Photo courtesy of NesserryGoods

Another beautiful alternative is this lovely birds-eye maple earring rack from Davin & Kesler available through Sattva Gallery.  It too is a work of art and offers pegs for hanging bracelets or necklaces.  The bars can be adjusted to accommodate different lengths of earrings and additional bars can be ordered.  It can be hung on the wall if you’re short on dresser space.

Photo courtesy of Sattya Gallery

Photo courtesy of Sattva Gallery

I love all of these organizers because they are pretty in their own right and will do justice to handcrafted, heirloom and other special earrings. I like that you can easily see your earrings  – after all – out of sight, out of mind.

These are my favorites and I received no compensation or merchandise from any of these companies.

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