warm carmel browns with pale, icy blues.

Agate Slice with Blue Lace

This is a departure from earlier this year when the color green had a huge gravitational pull on me.  So bad that everything I wanted to work on was green and I almost had to put myself on restriction from using green!  The green period has passed (at least for now) and I am loving the brown-blue combination.  But it has to be really icy blues.

The agate slice used as the focal point in this necklace has both tones in it.  Rather than attach the agate slice directly to the necklace, I dropped it down with crystal and shell beads giving it significance and removing any competition between it and the pieces of rough cut blue lace agate.  The bit of roughness at the edge of the agate slice also ties in with the rough pieces of blue lace.  I am just loving these tones right now and just enjoyed making such an interesting necklace.

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