Star and Moon BraceletI’m still working hard to expand my metal skills and this is one of my newest creations.  I remember the early days of learning to saw metal – I could barely cut a straight line at that time.  I couldn’t imagine how people did intricate sawing.  As I work at it, I find myself able to cut smaller and smaller designs. 

When I drew the design for the silver piece on this bracelet, I knew I wanted star and moon images.  I wanted to create them by adding metal, in the case of the moon and two stars, and by removing it with the remaining star and circles.  Maybe the circles are far-away planets.

I didn’t want any single shade of blue to dominate the bracelet, I wanted various shades and tones of blue to play together to thoughts of sky to mind.  The beads I used are sodalite, blue lace agate, glass and crystal.

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