I realized I had not shared my entry for the Beaded Muse 2 contest or how I did.  The Beaded Muse is a contest where all participants get the same package of beads to use in their creation.  The beads are shown on the website announcing the contest, however, the muse is a mystery item.  Participants don’t know what it is until their package of beads arrives.  In the Beaded Muse 2 contest, the muse was the beautiful etched shell donut by Lillypilly.

My piece did not place, but I enjoyed doing it and would consider it again in the future.  Most important, I accomplished my goals with the piece.  They were to stretch myself, try something new, and make a piece I was proud of. 

I was impressed with all of the different and creative ways people chose to use the muse.  Especially interesting to me were those who cut it into more than one piece.  That never occurred to me.  You can see more about the contest, along with a gallery of winners, and all entries here.

My intent in creating my piece was to honor Lillypilly’s beautiful and quietly intricate shell creation.   The sketch below shows the basic concept I was going with.  I started with a sterling silver bar encasing it with a strip of square stitch.  I added crystals and other beads as embellishments.  A second layer of square stitch was used as a base for creating a loop for stringing the pendant and attaching the muse.  I then made a subtle necklace that reflected the colors in the pendant.


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