ProjectRunwayS6E5Using unconventional materials can be a daunting task.  We were challenged in this manner at Penland, and I had some success and, well, a train wreck.  It’s not easy and I can’t imagine the pressure that TV cameras add.  However, Irina Shabayeva managed to pull this one off in style.  The coat was a unique idea – most of the other designers made dresses and the styling and attention to details got her points with the judges.

I just think a little jewelry could have been added.  Not too much – there is so much going on around the face, that anything other than studs or very tiny earrings could have made for disaster.  This little black and white bracelet would have added a nice bit of sparkle on the wrist that it holding the bag.  It would have complemented the shine of the boots while still keeping the quiet color palette in tact.

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