PowerfulWinI like a certain mint and it comes in a little tin.  Once the mints are gone, the tins just don’t look like something that should be thrown away – they look useful, they look open to the idea of being reinvented.  So, I’ve been saving the empty tins, not sure how I would use them or what I would do with them, until now.

In the back of my mind, I see the tops of the little tins evolving into bracelets somehow.  That idea is still germinating.  But, while at Penland, I did get this pair of earrings made using the mint tins.  Penland had a circle punch and I used it to punch out both the tin curcles and the larger silver circles underneath.  I punched out a few circles while I was there since I don’t have a circle punch.  I still cut circles by hand and find they have their own charm too.  I then drilled the holes in both circles, used chasing tools to texture the silver circles, darkened them, made the earwires, and assembled the earrings.

I have a few of these tins and only used a small bit on these earrings.  Expect to see more later.