SanJuanI was in San Juan, Puerto Rico recently.  It is a lovely city and I walked around Old San Juan enjoying a nice summer evening and the vibrancy of life in the city.  I wanted to find a little gift to bring back for my sister and wanted something made in Puerto Rico.  There were many shops with nice selections but a lot of the merchandise was from other places.  After strolling around a bit more, I came across an area where people had tents set up and spotted a lady selling jewelry made from beach glass.

Her name is Ruth Rivera and she told me she had created a process of attaching beach glass to jewelry findings using a type of clay.  I thought she had done a beautiful job with these as well as the many other styles of earrings and necklaces she had on display.  My sister loves them and I was thrilled to find a handmade item to bring home.  If you would like more information about Ruth and her jewelry, you can contact her at

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