TabSettingsAfter my first attempt at tab settings, I wanted to explore it more, try setting different objects, play a little.  Here are the next few attempts from my experimentation.  I set the triangular button first – still a little bit hesitant.  Then I set the triangular pottery shard.  This particular piece reminds me of the architecture of Mali which I find to be beautiful.  I got bolder and made the piece with the little leaves holding a ceramic tile. 

Then I really went for it and tried setting another found object, a rather thick piece of something…  Maybe ceramic, I’m not sure, but I loved it.  This piece has a double setting.  I cut a small base with three tabs.  I then soldered the small base onto another base that I textured.  I drilled holes for the dangles and top jump ring.  I did two settings so I could have uninterrupted space along the bottom for the holes.  If I had cut the tab out of it, I felt the gap would feel awkward, especially in a piece with so many soft edges.  The dangles, I enjoyed and just had fun there.

All of the settings are copper.  The dark ones were given their dark patina with liver of sulphur.  Funky name, but it does great stuff.