ArialNecklace1Like many people, I have jars containing buttons, keys, and coins – some from my country and some from other countries.  Jars filled with these items are just friendly and you want to pour them out and sift through the contents.  I was doing that recently and came across the coin featured in this necklace.  It is a twenty-five cents coin from the lovely country of Bermuda.  I had never cut out details from a coin before and always wanted to try.  I decided, now is the time.

My thought was to skirt around the bird and not try to cut it out in detail since I had never cut a coin before.  But when I got to my workbench and had the saw in my hand, I knew I wanted to go for it and cut the bird out in detail.  I’m so glad I did because I got it done.  This was not easy and it took some time.  A lot of time was spent in the areas that are now removed creating access to the different parts of the bird.  And, I found making turns to be difficult.  I think it is because the coin was thicker than any metal I had cut before and if I was not exactly straight vertically with the saw, I would have trouble turning.  A few saw blades were sacrificed in this process.  I found that taking the time to carefully move the saw up and down and become straight before turning helped tremendously. 

I set the coin in a copper tab setting, liking the mix of blue with coppery tones.  Underneath the coin – a little bit of tin cut from an old box that used to hold colored pencils to give it the color of sky.  Worth the effort?  Yes.  Would I do it again?  Another yes.