This is the sign leading to what is called Lower Metals.  Penland School of Craft has two metal studios – one is upstairs and called Upper Metals, the other is downstairs and called Lower Metals.  Both times I have been at Penland, I have been in Lower Metals.  In fact, I’ve been at the exact same desk.  It’s a desk that works for be because its location keeps my left-handedness from affecting others.

I’m excited about the class I am taking – Jewelry as Personal Adornment.  The instructor is Robert Ebendorf, who is well known in the art jewelry world.  I am lucky to be in the class.  There were more applicants than spots, so all of us that are here got in on lottery.  I hope it is a good two weeks and I get a lot out of it.

Dear Reader, Please note I have returned from Penland.  I wrote a series of posts long hand while there and will be posting them over the next few weeks.