At least for me it is. 

Most of the time the necklaces and bracelets I make have a pattern that repeats in some fashion.  Once in a while I’ll do something with a random pattern.  I’ll start out with the best of intentions.  Whichever bead I pick up next is the one I’ll use – completely random.  Then I’ll notice, maybe too many green beads are together or a black bead would really look nice in that spot and I’ll start editing and picking out the beads.  Then I’ll say, no – this is supposed to be random.  I’ll close my eyes and try to get back on track with the random thing.  I’ll pick a bead or two.  Then I start to peek.  And so it goes.

So, if you see something I’ve done that looks random, it is – mostly.  But you can bet there will also be some beads placed very carefully to give it that beautiful random look.