I don’t make pins very often, but once in a while, I will.  I have always loved miniatures and one day decided to try making miniature beaded purses.  Part of the fun for me was just figuring out how to do it.  The purse is three-dimensional.  It has sides that mimic those on a real purse and the back is the same as the front except it has a pin back in place of the little bead decoration.

I started by making sample pieces of each of the parts.  Once I got the size and proportions correct on the sample pieces, I then worked to figure out how to attach the pieces to each other to make it come out the way I wanted.  I kept careful notes because there have been times when I figured out how to do something and then couldn’t remember what I did later.  I used a combination of brick stitch and square stitch on these little pins.  For the brick stitch, I used two beads for each row rather than one.  I tried it with one first and the angle it created for the sides of the purse was too sharp.   I made these two miniature purse pins and then went on to do earrings with even smaller purse in the same style (one bead on the brick stitch for them) and some necklaces that featured a clutch style bag.pink_purse_pin