Trio of EarringsOver the past few months, I’ve been exploring beaded earring components created using square stitch (my favorite bead weaving stitch, at least for now).  I’ve posted about a pair of purple teardrop earrings and the gorgeous Adriana earrings.  The ideas kept flowing and I kept making little beaded squares.

I ended up using some in this trio of earrings.  They are all in the blue/green/gold color family yet each is different in each own way.  For some reason, the little squares reminded me of Chiclets, little pieces of gum I chewed as a child.  I remember they had a small pack of mini Chiclets – tiny squares of gum in different colors.  These earrings look nothing like them, but that’s what they brought to mind.  Funny the things you remember and what triggers the memory.

I have in my sketch book ideas to use the squares in necklaces.  We will see…