yazmine-11I made this necklace to accentuate the brown ceramic face bead.  I must admit, I’ve had the face bead a long time.  It took a while to develop a vision of where to take it in a piece of jewelry.  Some of that is because one often sees beads like this on leather cording, maybe with a couple of beads on either side.  Nothing wrong with that, I just wanted to explore a different direction. 

Not long ago, I looked at it and decided it was time to see what I could do with it.  I took the time to see which colors really brought out the warmth in the face bead.  When I saw the interaction between the green chrysoprase chips and the brown face bead, I knew – that was it.  Bits of matte gray glass, light topaz crystals, tiger’s eye, and wood complete the composition.  The necklace is named Yazmine.