I give my jewelry women’s names.  Some pieces are named for people I know, others are given a name I like or think suits the piece.  I usually name jewelry after I’ve done the photography.  Prior to that time, they have working titles, usually based on the materials the piece is made of.  Once in a while, it’s something different.

This necklace was inspired by the carpet at a hotel in Louisville, KY.  The hotel was new and done in very serene, spa like decor.  The carpet was a shade of blue/green with a lot of circles in different sizes, in soft shades of blue and green.  I looked at it while waiting for the elevator and got the idea to do a pendant with circles on it like the carpet.  When I went to make the pendant, I realized I wanted additional colors in the piece, so I took a little artistic license.

The pendant is made of flat peyote stitch with circular peyote stitch flowers.  Once the pendant was done and I started on the necklace, I felt the right approach was something a little lighthearted and free.  That led to the use of the little golden flower beads, red rosette beads, and light green translucent beads that have an airy feel.

Carpet as inspiration?  Why not.  I take my inspiration where I find it.