When I considered how to approach this necklace, my first thought was to use beads in similar tones as the prominent greens and yellows in the pendant.  I soon realized this created conflict and competition rather than harmony.  I changed my approach and primarly used beads in the same tones as the frame, extending the concept of the frame into the necklace.  There are tiny splashes of yellow-green in little glass beads and soft-toned aquamarine that hints at some of the colors in the background of the pendant.

This is my first time working with a pendant like this and I was excited to use it.  It is a reproduction of a painting by Charlie Clingman entitled “Springling Yellow” .  Not only is the artwork beautiful, the pendant is very well made.  I’ve called it an art pendant, but its proper name is Canvas On Wood Pendants.  The jewelry supplies available to today’s designers are really fabulous.  Bead shopping can be so dangerous!