beadencearrAfter being pleased with how the one-to-many necklace came out, I decided to make earrings that could go with it.  They are not “matchey-matchey” as Nina Garcia would say with disdain while judging a design on Project Runway.  Rather, I think they relate to the necklace and can also stand alone as just a great pair of earrings.

I made them by creating an underlying structure out of 22 gauge gold-filled wire.  I then tried a couple of methods of encasing the wire with beads.  The first approach was to use a variation of a bead weaving stitch called square stitch.  It was way too orderly because the beads all lined up as they wrapped around the wire.  I felt, in this case, that I wanted something a little less structured.  I ended up taking five beads at a time, wrapping them around the wire, going back through them again and then moving to the next set of five.

I think they look great, they are amazingly lightweight and this technique could be used with wire forms in many different shapes.