A week or so ago I wrote about some glass leaf beads I was experimenting with.   At the time, I wasn’t sure what I would make, only that I wanted to stack or layer them in some way.  Well, I ended up making this bead encrusted cuff bracelet and I love it.

I layered the leaf beads in a staggered, overlapping pattern that causes them to almost look more like feathers than leaves.  I then added a strip of randomly placed purple/blue/teal matte beads in contrast to the more precise alignment of the leaf beads.

The bracelet feels good to touch and hold because of the weight of the beads.  It also has a sculptural feel to it and is definitely different from any I have done before.  I’m glad I experimented and let myself have some playtime with this.  It allows me to see the bracelet form as a canvas in a different manner than I did before.