pliersThese are my pliers – I use them for beadwork, wirework, and metal.  When I first starting beading, I only had two pair of pliers and one cutter.  Over the years, as I sought to learn new techniques or finish pieces in a different manner, I acquired more.  There are a few general purpose ones and some that are designed for a certain task.

The small pair in the front with the blue handles are the first pair I ever bought.  I got them from Accents Bead Store in Bethesda, MD and I think they cost $11.00.  I have used them for years and they feel like part of my hand when I pick them up.  Once in a while when my boyfriend is working on his honey-do list, he will ask for a pair of needle-nose pliers.  I tell him I have these he can use, and then say that they were the first ones I ever bought back when I started beading.  At this point, he usually finds something else to use.  I need to buy him a pair of his own.