green-garnetMy birthday is in January and garnet is my birthstone.  Growing up, I wanted a more girly birthstone, something light pink or light blue.  As I grew up, I realized garnet was a beautiful birthstone.  I love it and work with it quite a bit. 

Growing up, I also knew garnets as dark red stones.  It was a while before I realized they also came in green.  I bought a lovely strand of them last year and enjoyed making them into a necklace along with some Peruvian opal and red garnets.  I sold it and hope it has gone on to a good home.

I had four green garnet beads left and made them into the bracelet shown here.  I love them with the aqua and golden tones in the bracelet.  When I go bead shopping in this new year, I think green garnets (and red ones too) will be on the shopping list.