In between working on other pieces, and squeezing in tasks here at home, I have been working on the shadow box series and finished the second piece shown above.  I named the first shadow box necklace after my niece Haley.  She visited recently and was enamored by it, so I decided to give it her name.

This necklace, I am naming after another niece, Cameron.  I love the rich tones in the piece – deep pinks, reds, burgundies – strong colors that would normally compete with each other for attention.  In this piece, they play nice together calmed by accents of golden toned glass beads and strong repetition in the necklace part of the piece.  I also like the narrow silhouette and again the single pearl resting at the bottom of the piece.  I have started on the third pendant and keep telling myself I need to make earrings, but am drawn to the necklaces at the moment.