tagging-baggingI am very fortunate to have my jewelry in three stores, all of whom have great people that have treated my very well.  I work very hard to do the same – to select items I feel will appeal to their clientele, to keep my jewelry well-stocked, to swap out items when needed and keep my inventory looking fresh.

Part of the process of getting jewelry ready is what I call “tagging and bagging”.  That is putting price tags on necklaces and bracelets, putting earrings on cards, and making sure I have an inventory sheet with a digital photo of each item.

Over the years, the store managers and owners have appreciated the care I put into the relationship with them and I am truly honored that they allow my jewelry to take precious space in their stores.  Tonight I am tagging and bagging items for one of the stores.  Whether a lot has sold or only a little since my last visit, I try to stay on schedule with visiting each store and keeping everything looking great.