About two years ago, I starting using some of the principles in The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  I had the book for at least eight years.  I bought it in a moment when I felt a need to expand creatively, looked through it, saw some of what it required, thought – nope, don’t wanna do that – an set it aside. 

Years later, I picked it up again in a moment of frustration.  I say a moment, but really it was something that took some time to build.  I wanted to grow, expand, be better.  I was frustrated and needed a path.  So, I dusted the book off and read and worked through it.

One of the suggestions the book puts forth is a weekly artist’s date, a bit of time where you do something you enjoy.  Something that fills you up – so important in a world that can deplete and drain us all.  OK, I started out strong with artist’s dates but find this to be one of the first things I let go when I feel busy.

And so, with renewed committment, I had an artist’s date this past Saturday.  I went for a walk in a local park and enjoyed the fresh air, the emerging colors of autumn, the moments of solitude where nothing was expected of me except to simply be.  The sign in the photo is what I see when I first park my car and head into the park.