Courtyard of the Historic Ursuline Campus, Southwest School of Art & Craft

Whenever I travel, in addition to looking for bead stores, I also search for galleries, shops, and studios that feature contemporary art and craft.  It is a special treat to find work from the hands of people that live in the area.  I also try to walk as much as possible when I visit a place.  On foot, I find I get the feel of the city and its people better and can notice subtleties and nuances that would remain unseen if I whisked by in a cab.

And so, I set out to find the Southwest School of Art and Craft in San Antonio, TX.  I knew it would be a bit of a walk from the hotel.  But then, after walking quite a ways and being in what I thought was the right location, I couldn’t find it.  I walked and walked, checking the map I had, checking street signs, not seeing anything that looked remotely close to a school of art and craft.

I saw a place that was an artists in residence gallery and work space.  Immediately upon entering, I felt a calmness and quietness within.  It is always like this when I enter a place of art and artists.  I feel a sense of grounding, connection and belonging.  The young lady at the front desk was kind enough to look up directions for me.  After still more walking, I found it.  They were between exhibits.  Such is life.  I did get to visit the gallery shop with exquisite handcrafted items and walk the peaceful and lovely grounds.